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Sifting The Saints -- You've Got To Be Kidding

Listen Now. The religious scene is sincerely confused today. Sincerity has become a deadly and deceptive substitute for truth and reality. My sense of right and true become the standard for all truth. My right to do something is often confused to mean whatever I have a right to do is right to do!!! If I want to believe something or not, as long as I’m not legally prohibited from a certain practice then I’m as right about what I do as the next guy might be. Into this religious stew Biblical Christianity is tossed back and forth. After awhile, true faith can be copied or carelessly considered a reality in one’s life when, in fact, it is not. Churches of all brand names, sizes, and locations are filled with folks who may be friends of the Gospel, deeply religious people, or articulate apparent followers of Christ. However, too many of them may in fact not be real followers of Christ at all. For the next four weeks we will try to sift ourselves in relation to true belief and the real Gospel. If there was no other reason than eternity being at stake, that would be reason to go through what we’re about to experience.


Easter Sunday

Listen as Pastor Tom delivers our Easter Sunday message.


Titusing Up - Jesus Talk

Even though it's only the size of a pamphlet the book of Titus in our Bible has much for us to learn as individuals and a church. This little "booklet" can also prompt some big questions. Today is Jesus talk day That's when we as a church pause on a weekend to answer any questions publicly that the Lord may have prompted over the last few weeks of "Titusing Up" ourselves and the Oasis Family. Listen as Pastor Tom, Pastor Bob, and Pastor Augie share in our Jesus Talk.


Titusing Up - Who's In Your Network

Listen as Pastor Bob concludes our Titusing Up series.


Titusing Up - What's Behind a Belief That Behaves

Wonder why our Christian behavior sometimes seems more like an act than the way I really am? Why don't my intentions in living for Christ last longer than a week or two? These questions haunt anyone who's ever claimed to have received the genuine life offered in Christ. Listen as Pastor Tom speaks to these questions.