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Titusing Up - What's Behind a Belief That Behaves

Wonder why our Christian behavior sometimes seems more like an act than the way I really am? Why don't my intentions in living for Christ last longer than a week or two? These questions haunt anyone who's ever claimed to have received the genuine life offered in Christ. Listen as Pastor Tom speaks to these questions.


SHARING Life With Others

SHARING Life With Others must be something we are constantly doing. Listen as Pastor Augie speaks about Sharing Life personally and corporately.


Titusing Up - Decking out Doctrine

What makes truth attractive? Is there anything we can be or do that will cause folks to be drawn to the teaching of Scripture? These are tough questions but interesting ones that Titus considers today. Listen carefully and feel free to use the following questions to deepen your understanding of the Scripture we consider today.

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"Titusing Up" Means Toughen Up

If there are good guys you can bet there will be bad guys. We see this morning that there were then and there are now those who would take advantage of people spiritually. They will do it on purpose and not by accident. Despite a society that is quick to label as a bigot anyone who dates suggest another could be wrong we have to "Titus Up." That means today we can use the following questions to help us deepen our need to identify those who we should follow and those we should do our best to avoid.


Life and Death in 2007 (10:30 Service)

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