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Being Godly but Treated Badly

Getting started on the right foot and on the same page are critical for any relationship. For the Oasis family in these days of leadership transition a good start is crucial. Many of the elements Jesus shared in the Upper Room at the finish of His earthly ministry are important for a good start. Besides all we've talked about in October, and the Holy Spirit we explored briefly last week, one more misunderstood element must be noted: being treated badly for being Godly.

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The Helper We All Need

Until Jesus comes back He hasn't left us alone. He sent the Holy Spirit who lives in the Christian today. Jesus brings up the Spirit as the one who can help us in more ways than we can name. In fact the Spirit is given certain names by Jesus that helped them and helps us to understand what the Holy Spirit really wants to do. Notice today. . .

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Leaving But Definitely Returning

Jesus will be back. He'll be back in person and by surprise. For many His return will be an unfortunate interruption. For others it will be their worst nightmare because they were living as though He didn't exist, or at least didn't matter and couldn't possible return. For those who truly know Him it will be the grand completion of all He promised. Genuine spiritual intimacy with Jesus now should get better as we grow in our conviction regarding His return.

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Heaven: Hope So or Know So?

In one of the darkest and depressing times for the disciples: the Upper Room, Jesus offers them something to lift them above their discouragement and confusion. He didn't offer a program or a pill but a place: heaven. Listen carefully today as we remind ourselves of the place some think can only help us with our dying and not our day to day living.


The "Virtual Believer"

Series: We Start Where He Finished

The "Virtual Believer"
John 14:23-24; John 15:4-6; John 17:3

The upper room the night of the Last Supper contained a virtual believer: Judas. The disciples are stunned by Jesus' declaring a pretender was among them. Judas represents a painful and ignored truth amony many Christians today. They can be and probably are many who think they're genuinely Christ's but are not. Listen carefully this morning as we explore one of the forbidden and delicate topics that explain a lot of what we see today but our cultural climate makes it alost impossible to consider it objectively.

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